Listed and first reviewed on: 02/26/17

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    Well if this is the under ground bakery I experienced in university road akoka then, I must say i was in love. In my entire stay in the university of Lagos I was addicted to eating the sardine bread. I really missed it.

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    If you love fresh pastries and confectioneries without having to break the bank, this is the place for you. The oven-baked bread aroma reminds me of my childhood. My mother baked us treats once in a while.

    The bread and pastries are okay. The prices too are moderate. The only snag is that its ability to cater to a large number of people at same time is reduced because of its small size and lack of parking space.

  3. Kome G
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    Tried their shawarma recently and it wasn’t good. Contained too much ketchup. For naija standards, I’ll rate this shawarma a 2/5. Could easily be a consistency issue tbh

    1. SandraGee_

      Yess! I agree because I had it again and it was really good. More cream than ketchup. I wonder what happened to him that day

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