Listed and first reviewed on: 07/19/17

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    Unique slimming tea issa high class fraudster… An upgraded version of yahoo.. A real 419 that is using the celebrities that he uses to do advert to cover up.. Please and please you guys should not fall victim for him.. If you ask about the reviews on line.. He will tell you that they haters.. It’s a lie.. There is nothing like haters at all, he’s products does not work.. Period

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    To be quite honest, and pardon my language but the product is a sham. Literally a waste of money is you ask me. Two packs down and literally no changes. So I’ll definitely not advice anyone to try it.

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    These people are fraudstars I have bought from them previous but the second time I ordered to my greatest surprise I saw something entirely different, then saw something that I bought for 33k for 2100k in H medix when I contacted them the whole CEO story started, the distributior is new our CEO is in US and all that shit so beware pls it doesn’t work!!!!

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    This your product doesn’t work at all. I used it for complete two months and I didn’t loose a kg I also bought for my friend bf my mum same thing happened. I’ve tried to communicate to you guys but proved abortive 88k is not small money abeg. Please and please I beg you return my money and those celebrities advertising for you how many kg have they lost. Say no to fake product

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