Listed and first reviewed on: 09/20/15

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    Went to the truck today, terrible experience. The service was impolite, the club sandwich was terrible. The sandwich was made of old bread and tastet awfully dry. And for a food truck it’s massively overpriced.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience Thomas. My bread was stale as well!! #badsign

  2. Efe G
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    Was passing through Adebayo Doherty street and spotted the urban fuxion food truck so we stopped by…ordered the prime time burger and white chocolate frappe. took about 20 mins for the burger to get ready. frap was pretty good…I’d probably get it again. burger i’d say 5/10…individual ingredients were all delicious but the burger just didn’t come together…the bread seemed a bit stale too.

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    Thanks for the review, Tobay! Can’t wait to try out Urban Fuxion!!

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