Listed and first reviewed on: 05/15/15

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  1. This is soooo cool! Thanks for the review, Meme!!

    I love how there are multiple bakers on WaraCake…I’m just not sure how I’d know who I’m ordering cakes from. Do you find out after making payment? I’m also curious to know how bakers can join WaraCake…I think it’d be great if they were actually screened for health and safety purposes. But this is pretty exciting!!

    Also your guy, super flash.. mmm you’ll share his details oh! Maybe even review for us on RN!

    1. The name of the baker is written somewhere at the bottom of the description of each cake. I don’t know how bakers join their community o, i’ll probably get them to answer the question. LOOOL! Super flash is so tempting, i do not have a picture of any of the delivery guys, but i will definitely do a review of it. Thanks B!

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