Listed and first reviewed on: 03/11/15

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    LOL! The emphasis on “boo” sha.

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    Jokes apart….Lunch was awesome Sandra. We should return sometime soon…….preferably on a friday evening 😀

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    The whispaz chicken sauce doesn’t look good tho, also.. I’ve been seeing “boo” thought you were single.
    Nice review,I think your rating is to high due to the ambience.

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    They got stripper poles!!!! 😮

  5. SandraGee_

    Hey sweetie, well.. He was going to go for something else.. But that would have taken a longer time to prepare.. And we weren’t in the mood to spend eternity there. Its a lounge lol.. Friday night because I’m curious and I want to see girls work the pole

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    Enjoyment Madam! Nice review!! Curious though, what kinds of meals do they have on their menu? I’m wondering why you and boo ordered the same steamed rice with chicken (isn’t that like white rice and stew? lol). Also, why would you return on a Friday night? Would you say Whispers is a good hang out spot for drinks and good music but not necessarily to eat?

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