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    Thanks for the constructive review, I was looking for an honest review on this school and I think you nailed it. Im currently thinking of enrolling my son into the school now I know what to look out for. The teachers should get to read your comment Osato

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    I’m not really good at commenting on posts or starting responses, but let me give it a fair try. Your review of whitesands is somewhat misleading with the assumption that failure in the exams is solely down to the teachers not putting in enough effort. Your comparisons with Lagoon give the idea that you went to Lagoon so you have an outsider’s view of ins and outs of whitesands (though I might be wrong with that assumption). I did my secondary schooling at Whitesands and from first hand experience the teachers try their best with the so-called students who are not academically sound and they often put in more effort than regular teachers usually do. Saturday lessons and after school lectures are usually the norm for students that are abt to sit for WASSCE and going by the recent results that just came out… Those methods still work. I personally feel that parents of some of those kids knowing that their wards might have some lapses in their education fail to augment what is taught during school hrs at home, so such deficits in their education arise. So I really think failure at that level can’t be wholly placed at the feet of the teachers.

    Really sorry for the long comment, I couldn’t resist defending my “people”

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