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    YB Cocoon Day Spa is a wonderful place to be; the staff is well trained and friendly and the place has an overall serene ambience that makes you want to relax and unwind. Their coffee-orange scrub, microdermabrasion facial and 60 mins of aromatherapy massage cost me just #30,000; I even got a discount on my second visit for bringing a friend.

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    Sandra gee is not the matter of been angry but the truth must be told .if I hadn’t been there before its a different case but I have been and I saw things myself . ybcocoon is a serene settings so I believe and know they have what it takes yo run a spa. thanks .

    1. SandraGee_

      I totally understand what you are saying. However, the person had a different experience and is entitled to posting his/her views without being tagged a “hater”

      – Sandra RN

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    never I have been to YB cocoon day spa,for a massage I and my hubby and we were given a spontaneous treatment which we both enjoyed. we were glad and received with one heart . so u hater u had better stop dis trash before the fire of God will come upon on u. YB cocoon still remain the best.

  4. SandraGee_

    Hol’up, its 23,000NGN for 2 people right?? In fact 23k for rushed services ??? What!!! The manager will hear about me

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      Buhahahaha! We know about you already SandraGee lol

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