Listed and first reviewed on: 03/29/16

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    Lol @ayisha’s comment.
    I think this is good enough as a ‘buka or beer parlour spot’ but for a girls night or grab food and drinks chill at spot…I won’t recommend. I had the snails and goat meat and echo the review here. Having said that, the chapman was good and tasted like true naija chapman!
    Re mostiquotes – I was a real victim!You could literally see them flying around which I felt was highly unacceptable especially as this is an INDOOR spot not even outdoors by the water. Not only was it worrying from a health perspective but also very distracting whilst trying to enjoy your meal!
    Definitely not returning there, hurly disappointing and really don’t know how this place has survived for sooo long…its either I have not ordered the star dish or this place has been sadly managed down as with many Nigerian businesses.

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    Ohhh my dayys…yellow chilli was a disaster. I will definitely not be returning there ever again. I have absolutely nothing positive to say about my experience there. The food took forever to come, I couldn’t eat their nkwobi I ordered.
    However, I have spoken to people who are familiar with the place and they have said it isn’t that bad. So I have concluded that they were just having a bad day when we visited

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