Listed and first reviewed on: 03/20/13

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    I used to like yemyem until I realized how EXPENSIVE their Cereals are…
    For example, Milo crunches that go for 420 outside, goes for 480 in yemyem.. Cheerios, frosties, coco pops , evErything cereal is EXPENSIVE

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    Only one fault, dey seldom have change at yem yem,and most times I end up buying sth I didn't plan for in order to get change,that is a blight on their otherwise superb service

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    Yem Yem is Too Amazing. Lol. The only problem I have is with the annoying and Slow Cashiers. They aren't Time conscious and they never have change. Anyway, the POS is really good.

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    Awesome place nd very convinient. Totali agree wif evrytin said abt yem yem(y). Y'all shld try shoppin der sumtym.

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