I visited Nok by Alara sometime in 2018 and I found their presentation quite interesting. Meals were just okay, but with a lot of African infusions. Anyway, I stumbled on their “Amapiano Nights” flyer and I was sold immediately. I quickly made a reservation via their Whatsapp number however, it was to hold in the “newly” developed NOK Gardens which I had not visited.


Nok Gardens is quite cozy. It was easy to get the message. I mean, the idea behind the location was easy to identify. It had sofas, mats, and various sets of tables and chairs. I think the downside was the lighting. Pictures came out a bit blurry.


On getting to Nok Gardens, my booking had been switched and I was to sit inside the restaurant instead. After much back and forth, I finally got a decent corner seat at the Gardens. The waitress was very prompt and friendly. I think the only problem was, she did not have a clue about the dishes and needed to get someone to answer the questions.


For starters, I had the goat sliders, my most favorite dish among everything I ordered while my friend ordered the tamarind wings which were pretty basic. For mains, I chose the oxtail hotpot and Jasmine rice which was supposed to be very spicy. However, it turned out to be rice and stew with cow meat. Meanwhile, my friend had the blackened catfish and grilled plantains with the Ugwu sauce and it tasted very exquisite. I also got the kelewele, expecting the ghanaian experience I’ve had before.However, it did not turn out as planned.


I had the Kunu Aya while my friend had the Chapman. We also decided to get a large bottle of water. Personally, I do not think cocktails/mocktails are their strong point.


Cocktails have a 3,000NGN fixed price, the other items can be found on the menu here. In total, I paid 26,800NGN.


This gets a solid 3.5/5. The ambiance was pretty cool, however, some parts of delivery would need a bit of work.

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    Weldone Sandra! Beautiful documentation. Love it!!!

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