This is a long overdue post but I just had to share.

I was one of the lucky few to get an invite to the exclusive sleek studio product launch which took place at Victoria Island, in Lagos on the 5th of July. The event was strictly by invitation so you can imagine the popular faces I saw there.

Sleek Studio is a household name here in Naija. Initially, it was an offshoot of the United Kingdom branch but for 4 years now, they’ve been able to create a reputable name for themselves here in Nigeria.

They are majorly concerned about skin care products and they have 2 ranges which are:

  • Lightening
  • Exfoliating

The program was slated to start at 1pm but eventually commenced at 3pm due to interviews with the press and some other minor delays.

The CEO of sleek studio, Dr Ebele, gave her amazing speech and assured us she would not be associated with products dangerous to our skin. She also explained that the lightening range was not a bleaching product and it could only make you a shade or two lighter.


We were encouraged to patronize the stands which were available in the hall, try the products and of course purchase them. I did try out some of the products and I was pretty impressed. The products are mostly made from natural ingredients.

We had a short lecture by a renowned Dermatologist from LUTH, Dr Ayeesha, and she talked about the various skin problems affecting women of color and how sleek studio products are the right fix.

I met quite a number of familiar faces like Cheeks of, Stephanie Coker of MTV Base, DJ Foxy of Shuga, Lola OJ, Enytan of Fashion Engineer and so many others.




Did I mention there were complimentary small chops, cakes and cocktails being served? I was particularly glad that I wore flats because it was a standing event.

Sleek studio also gave us goodie bags which contained items worth over 30,000 Naira. My goodie bag contained:

  • Clean and Lighten
  • Tone and Lighten
  • Lightening in a Jar
  • Lightening in a bottle
  • A stroke of Lightening
  • Protect me, restore me
  • Scrub away my troubles
  • Neu Skin reveal
  • Neu skin reveal more
  • Come clean

sleek 1

I ended up buying some products for myself. I bought the dab of lightening product from the lightening range. I was so happy it wasn’t in the goodie bag because I would have freaked out…lol. The dab of lightening cost 3,500 Naira and I paid via POS.

In conclusion, Sleek Studio products re-launch was amazing. I had so much fun and I interacted with so many amazing people.

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