If you’re anything like me, you’re probably googling “Things to do in Lagos this Christmas 2016“, or some other variation of that. Maybe your search words are “Top Attractions in Lagos” or “Exciting Things To Do In Lagos This Christmas“. Funny enough, I asked around and people said they’re searching for events and things to do in Lagos and top things to do in lagos this Christmas. With the wealth of knowledge we have on ReviewNaija it’d be PREPOSTEROUS for us to not help out.

Without further ado, I present to you ReviewNaija’s list of things to do in Lagos this Christmas, curated just for you! We’ve reviewed almost every business or activity listed on this page so we know what we’re recommending!! We’ve also included some safety tips for while you’re in Nigeria this Christmas, so be sure to read till the end!

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas: Bars/Lounges/Clubs in no particular order


  • Cocoon – Gosh I love Cocoon! It’s my favorite bar in Lagos so far. The pricing isn’t outrageous, the space is nice, great ambience…you name it! Be sure to try the faceoff cocktail when you visit, and say hi to Kenneth (my favorite bartender) for me :). Click here for more details on Cocoon.
  • Slay Karaoke House – Slay is the three in one spot we talked about in detail here. They’ve got a restaurant, lounge, and guest rooms! If you’re not all about the club life but you like to have a good time still, then Slay is for you! Wednesday (afrobeats) and Friday nights are the best at Slay. I prefer Friday nights though because you can sing karaoke, then enjoy a phenomenal live band, and then an awesome dj to cap the night. Karaoke is all day everyday at Slay. Click here for more details on Slay.
  • Zenbah – Zenbah is a lounge/cocktail bar that is particularly good on Thursdays, from what I’ve heard. A+ for ambience. I’m not a fan of this place to be honest because I don’t think it’s good value for money. The drinks are overpriced and not even potent. However, Zenbah is one of those spots where you go to see and be seen. If you’re about that life then you definitely want to stop by here. Otherwise, just keep it moving. Click here for more details on Zenbah.
  • Crest Lounge – Ayeeee! Crest Lounge has the best nkowbi I’ve ever had!! I hear their ugba and fish pepper soup are really good as well. I’m sure you see where this is going already. This is the spot to fulfil your cravings for “beer parlor” type food. There’s a live band that usually plays really well on Fridays. Click here for more details on Crest Lounge.
  • Tilt Terrace – Tilt Terrace has one of the best mojitos I’ve had in Lagos – perfect balance of sweet and potent. Tilt Terrace is also good for folks who aren’t about that struggled outing life (although, I feel like every outing becomes struggled in December since there are so many IJGBs around). Anyway, the ambiance at Tilt is very nice and should make for a chilled hangout spot. Tilt also offers karaoke on Sundays. Click here for more details on Tilt Terrace.
  • Lounge 38 – Of course we have to show some mainland love! Lounge 38 is located in Surulere and it’s not a bad spot at all. The ambiance is pretty impressive and they’ve even got Salsa nights on Thursdays! Click here for more details on Lounge 38.
  • La Mango – Another mainland favorite! La Mango is a pretty chill spot with indoor and outdoor space. Food and drinks here are affordable and there’s also a swimming pool! Click here for more details on La Mango.
  • Sip – Where do I start? I’m not a fan of Sip at alllll. I’ve seen the bouncers here attempt to taze people trying to get in and I just think it should never be that serious. The thing is that at the end of the day, Sip is (arguably) the best club on the Island. I think I’ve just outgrown that struggled outing life and I like to actually have space to move and dance if I go to a club. I’ve found that this is very hard to do at Sip. Plus it’s a major fire hazard in here! There’s only one very narrow entrance and exit! At the end of the day Sip is still popping and I’ll be there this season for one or two hen night celebrations…lol. Click here for more details on Sip.
  • 355 – 355 is the ultimate pregame spot! The music here is always on point. Now there’s also Zenbah (mentioned above) but 355 still has its signature Wahalarita and other margaritas at affordable prices. Click here for more details on 355.
  • RSVP – RSVP should really be in the restaurants section of this guide, but they’ve got a really cool poolside lounge I’ve heard great things about. I haven’t been personally, but I hear it’s loads of fun! Click here for more details on RSVP.
  • Silver Foxx – If you’re into adult entertainment kind of activities, then this is the spot for you. I’d let you read up on what to expect at this establishment. Click here for more details on Silver Foxx.

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas: Restaurants/Food in no particular order

  • Crust and Cream – Crust and Cream “Bakery, Pastry, Bistro” serves all sorts of dishes and people really tend to like this spot. I think they have some really awesome stuff and then some not so great items. Regardless, this is like one of the few places I know you can get macaroons in Lagos so it’s definitely worth the visit. Their suya calamari is pretty lit as well! Click here for more details on Crust and Cream.
  • Delta Pot – Affordable and yummy native dishes, especially focused on “south south” cuisine. Delta Pot also just started serving fresh palm wine! Click here for more details on Delta Pot.
  • Ikoyi Club – You’ll need to be a member to get in here (or you’d need to have a member sign you in) but it’s totally worth it. Ikoyi Club is the baba nla of cheap and quality dishes. A bottle of star here costs 200 naira!! I’d recommend eating at the Main Section Restaurant or the Golf Section, but not the Swimming Section. You can thank me later 🙂
  • Nok by Alara – Nok is African fine dining. You’d mostly be paying for the ambience, food presentation, and yummy dishes in tiny portions. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Click here for more details on Nok.
  • Ice Cream Factory (ICF) – Nobody can tell me nothing! ICF still has the best ice-cream in Lagos in my opinion! Yes, I’ve been to Coldstone and Hans and Rene but ICF kicks major ice-cream a$$ in my opinion. They also have the best waffles in Lagos! Click here for more details on ICF.
  • Bread Lounge – This list cannot be complete without a proper bakery! Y’all, bread lounge is the truth! From their donuts (my fav is the green tea donut) to their suya bun (which is a MUST TRY) to their popcorn and slushies, almost everything is on point! I was super impressed when I visited!
  • Kingston Kitchen – We’re adopting the food truck culture in Naij and I’ve tried a couple of food trucks myself. The best? Kingston Kitchen! They serve Jamaican food that is so yummy! Plus, they have the best cornbread in Lagos as of Dec 2016. Click here for more details on Kingston Kitchen.
  • Milano Pizza & Fast Food – BEST SHAWARMA I’VE HAD IN LAGOS AS OF DEC 2016. Enough said. Click here for more details on Milano.
  • La Taverna – Best pizza I’ve had in Lagos as of Dec 2016. Their pizzas are thin-crust by the way. Click here for more details on La Taverna.
  • Glover Court Suya – Best suya I’ve had in quite a bit. I’m not a suya fan but Glover Court Suya sabi the work. Click here for more details on Glover Court Suya.
  • BBQ and Cravings – Before you leave Lagos you have to try their YOLO burger. It’s simply the best, hands-down! Click here for more details on BBQ and Cravings.

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas: Places to Visit/Things to do in no particular order


  • Lekki Conservation Center – I was at this conservation center about a week ago and had a blast! There isn’t too much to do here, but the canopy walk alone is definitely worth the visit. I’m scared of heights so I chickened out and didn’t complete the canopy walk. Don’t be like me! Click here for more details on Lekki Conservation Center.
  • Omu Resort – Think zoo, quad bikes, horse rides and scary rides (that I honestly won’t get on). Definitely for the brave at heart. Click here for more details on Omu Resort.
  • La Campagne Tropicana – If you’re about the beach and relaxation kind of life, then you definitely want to stop by La Campagne. Make it a day’s trip, byob and have a great time with friends! Click here for more details on La Campagne Tropicana.
  • Kayak Lagos – Also for the brave at heart. If you enjoy kayaking and don’t mind the Lagos heat, then by all means you shouldn’t miss this! Click here for more details on Kayak Lagos.
  • Atican Beach Resort – Beach vibes! Properly maintained beach with tolerable waves for folks who plan to get wet. Click here for more details on Atican Beach Resort.
  • Nike Art Gallery – If you’re into Art then this is the place for you. I think Nike Art Gallery is pretty nice but quite on the expensive side. Definitely worth a visit though. Click here for more details on Nike Art Gallery.
  • Jakande Market (Lekki Arts and Crafts Market) – After you’ve finished admiring all the beautiful artwork at Nike Art Gallery, then come over to Jakande Market! I completely love this place because it is so organized and stuff here is very affordable (you’d have to negotiate prices). I used to get all my souvenirs for my obodo oyibo colleagues from here and each time they loved their presents! Click here for more details on Jakande Market.
  • Ilashe Beach – I’ve still not been to Ilashe, but I hear it’s still the beach “if you got it like that”. This is a private beach that requires a boat ride to get there. Not just any boat oh, lol. If you’re interested in this in particular, leave a comment below and I’d follow-up privately. Click here for more details on Ilashe Beach.
  • Escape Room – Talk about alternative fun! Yup, we’ve got our very own Escape Room! You’re locked up in a room and have to use clues to figure out the mystery and get out of the space. Fun stuff! Click here for more details on Escape Room.
  • The New Afrika Shrine, Ikeja – This outing is for the bold and the brave! I say so because if you visit this place on a Sunday especially, when Femi Kuti performs, the crowd you’d encounter will be very mush. If you’re really into afrobeats you shouldn’t miss visiting this spot…just come prepared. Click here for more details on The New Afrika Shrine, Ikeja.
  • ThinkAfrica – Not every time turn-up and fun, sometimes career and network! ThinkAfrica promotes the exploration and development of Africa by connecting professionals interested in Africa to new high growth African markets. They’ve got a couple of events lined up this holiday season so definitely check them out! Click here for more details on Think Africa.
  • MBTN & YAM Career & Professional Networking Night – Move Back to Nigeria (MBTN) and Young African MBAs (YAM) present for the 4th year running, the Annual MBTN and YAM Career DAY & Professional Networking Night to be held at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. Click here for more details on MBTN

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas: Crossover Service 

If you’re a Christian and looking for churches to “crossover” into the New Year, here are some options for ya!

  • HICC – I “crossed over” at HICC last year and the year before and it was amazing! I was with family and friends but the praise and worship here was on point! Click here for more details.
  • Life Pointe/Elevation Church – I’ve visited Life Pointe and I really enjoyed my visit. Based on that experience, I’m confident their cross over service would be good. I’d let folks who’ve attended speak more to this in the comments section.
  • House on the Rock – They plan the “Experience” and it’s always a jam-packed concert so I’d imagine their crossover service to be good as well. Haven’t visited myself though.
  • Trinity House – I’ve got family and friends who go here and said they do like the crossover service here as well but I haven’t tried this out yet.

Things to do in Lagos this Christmas: Events


  • The only concerts I considered attending are pictured above. Unfortunately, Wizkid postponed his Starboy Homecoming concert due to health concerns? Anyway, OLIC is usually lit (read review of OLIC1 and OLIC2) but I think I’d end up at the Mr Eazi concert this year. I was also surprised to find that there aren’t many comedy concerts this season. If y’all know about any please drop a comment and inform others.

Now, on to tips for surviving Lagos this Christmas:

  • Don’t drink and drive! No one is really making sure you don’t do that here but it’s just too risky. Lagos drivers are already insane so you want to make sure you’re sober and are cautious on the roads. Worst case scenario get a taxi! There are a couple of tech enabled taxi services here but I recommend Taxify and Uber.
  • Walk around in groups, especially at night! – Not to scare anyone but there have been robberies! You’re not in the abroad, so be cautious of where you are going and who you’re going with especially when it’s late. Make sure you’re not walking alone on the streets and for the ladies, hold your purses super close!
  • ATM Usage – Be observant of who’s around if you have to grab cash from the ATM and avoid pulling out cash from remote ATMs in the middle of the night.
  • Fueling your tank – If you drive, here’s a great piece of advice I got that you may find useful. Once your tank gets to half, just jejely plan to fill it up. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re stranded and can’t buy gas (I don’t know of any 24/7 gas stations in Lagos) so just avoid the stress completely and fill up once you’re down to half.
  • Internet – I haven’t really explored in this department. I live in the Lekki area and use Tizeti at home and the internet is pretty fast (like I can stream my shows and it doesn’t buffer fast). For my mobile, I use Etisalat and I’m on the easybusiness plan. For 10,000 naira, I get 10GB of data and about 650 minutes airtime billed at 12 or so kobo per second…all of this is valid for 30 days. UPDATE: We recently reviewed Spectranet, and recommend as another option for your wifi needs.
  • Cafes – Yes! We’ve got a bunch of cafes for folks to hang at. We’ve reviewed Minibees Bakery (they’ve got this spicy chicken wrap that is DELICIOUS), Cafe Neo on Agoro Odiyan, and Bread Lounge. More places exist but I hesitate to recommend places we haven’t reviewed.

I hope you find this guide helpful! Please share with your friends, loved ones, enemies, etc. and drop a comment if you’d like to recommend other things for folks to do, or you just want to thank us for making your life easier 😉 Also BE SURE TO ADD REVIEWS OF YOUR OWN if you visit any of these establishments.

We’ve got over 550 businesses listed and reviewed on ReviewNaija so feel free to explore beyond what’s in this guide.

**POST UPDATED ON DEC 16th, 2016

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    This is really good and comprehensive. Well done. Allow me to recommend 2 more places you might want visit. For the food and African artistic ambience, gallery, bookshop and gift shop, visit Terra Kultureon Tiamiyu Savage street. You could catch a matinee stage play on Sunday afternoons. Visit Quintescence Africana shop at the Park View Estate entrance Gate for exclusive gifts and curious artifacts for home and office.

    1. Kome G

      Yay! Great thanks! How’s Terra Kulture these days? I haven’t been in a while. Plus, never heard of Quintescence. Will have to check it out! Hope you’d list and add a review of a business soon? Maybe Terra Kulture?! Here’s the link to do so; it’s quick and easy!! 🙂

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    This is so helpful and cool. I am so intrested in the Ilashe beach thingie!!!. You should come up with group trips, where people who do not have friends or family in lagos could have a trip advisor and have fun together.

    1. Kome G

      Thanks for the comment! Regarding Ilashe, folks I know who have gone own boats or have friends who do and rent guest houses in Ilashe. It’d be a pretty costly endeavor for just one person so I’d recommend going with a group!

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