I would love to share my experience on this issue of peeing in public, and would implore your comments. Personally, I believe private parts should remain private; unnecessary and random exposure equates lack of value.

I remember while growing up, most children would unzip/pull down their pants to pee in public and did not care. I mean what the heck, you were young and free, right? But it’s sad that grown adults – particularly men – still indulge in this untamed habit of peeing in public. I think it is offensive, disgusting, and most importantly, giving innocent folks nightmares!

While strolling around the Gbagada area a few days back, this well dressed guy came close to where I was, unzipped his trousers, and proceeded to pee…right in front of me!!! I instantly shifted my gaze. I was so astonished because this dude was decently dressed and looked civilized to me. I was so pissed, I crossed over to the other side of the street and hissed at the guy, who by the way, was not at all bothered. I should have probably just stared at him throughout his manner-less act and seen if he’d have felt any sort of remorse.

This situation is truly disheartening; rarely would you find any pee-free bus stop in Lagos..talk about sanitation and air pollution! And I’m more puzzled because there are strategic mobile toilets available, so why do men -ajebutter and pako alike – indulge in this nasty behavior?

mobile toilet in ikeja
Mobile toilets around Ketu Ikosi road (opposite motorways)

Some say “Oh what if I’m so pressed? What do you expect me to do?!?” Well, let me ask you a question Mr I’m Super-Duper pressed. What if a binding law is attached to this offence, as well as a fee of  N10, 000 to be paid by offenders? I can imagine most people, if not all, would not even dare bring out their privates in public.

As you can probably tell, this issue has really been on my heart. I had to inquire from my friends. My friend, Tola, recalled an ordeal he had a while back on third mainland bridge. He was so pressed, he said he had to park his car and pee right there on the bridge. “At that time, I was not thinking because I couldn’t hold it any longer”, he said. My other friend, Segun, related the incident of a particular lady he’d seen at night while returning from work. He’d noticed the lady was walking with intensity, but she suddenly dropped her bag, ran to the nearest gutter and proceeded to pee.

Whatever happened to eateries? Mobile toilets?!? My take? You’re no longer a child. Please zip up and stop peeing in public!

I’d love to hear your experiences/view on this issue. Do you think it’s appropriate or just a bad habit which speaks volumes of an individual? Take our poll below and let us know your thoughts on this matter 🙂

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    I feel its totally wrong and its should be banned in lagos state

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    U say eatries , then they tell u if u aint buying shit! Well u can’t do shit!

    1. Efe G

      Haha! Then buy 1 meat-pie? Or donut? Or even water?!? Buy something..and keep our environment clean. 🙂

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