The Nigerian Medical Students’ Association recently had its Health Week which took place in the great University of Port Harcourt…and guess who was in attendance? Me, me, me, me, me! Quick shout-out to NIMSA/AMSUL/LASUMSA for subsidizing the transportation fee.

The standard round trip fare from Lagos to Port Harcourt (PH) by road is about 8k and is typically a 9 hours journey, but we ended up paying 5k each, and an extra 2k for “delegate fees” which covered accommodation, feeding and fees for the health week activities.

The trip to UNIPORT was eventful. I mean, we left Lagos at 4pm and got to UNIPORT at 6:40am the following day (let me help you do the math…that was a 14+ hours trip!)  due to vehicle troubles (sound familiar?) at Ore town, Ondo state. We finally got to UNIPORT tired and very stressed out.

UNIPORT is a beautiful school with lots of green vegetation and plenty of land. I mean, the distance from the school gate to the hostel is not walkable (for some people sha). By the time we got to the medical hostel, which is called the Obasanjo hostel, there was no one to welcome us. We had to keep calling folks until some students showed up to help and make introductions.

We went on to register around 8am (please note, we arrived 6:40am) and were assigned rooms (as delegates, the accommodation package was basically sharing rooms with Uniport students in their hostel.) I was assigned room D13, however, the lady in D13 told me straight up that she didn’t want me in her room so I was assigned another room and my new roommate was very accommodating and really nice.

UNIPORT has 3 campuses (namely Abuja, Delta, Choba) which are a stone’s throw from each other. The Health Week took place at the Abuja campus. During the course of the Health Week, we had events like the Quiz Competition (my association placed third..woot woot), the Variety Night, Tours, Medical Outreach and even a dinner which I was pretty impressed with. I would have loved to share these memories with you all via pictures but there was no electricity throughout my stay on campus and the struggle to charge phones was too deep.

In the end, this trip was fun not necessarily because of the outings/planned activities but the opportunity to meet, interact, and make new friends. I made friends with medical students from all parts of Nigeria, and I think that’s pretty cool!

Our journey back to Lagos was another 17 hours thanks to vehicle issues, AGAIN! I was so fed up!! But I’m glad we made it back in one piece. I’m also glad I went on this trip. Although I wasn’t comfortable with the night journey and unnecessarily long travel hours, I will definitely consider another trip with the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association.

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    You are such a trooper! 14+ hours?!?!? No, thank you! But it’s usually pretty cool to able to meet and interact with folks in your field of interest…

    1. SandraGee_

      My dear!! It wasnt easy. but i thank God plus I had lots of fun.

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    Yes! We survived NIMSA PH! It was a fun trip and you were awesome company!!!!!

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